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4002Cattle Supervisor: Hitch I2165Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in care and movement of livestock in livestock yard by performing the following duties.
4065Processing Crew: Hitch Feedlot2174Ensures cattle are processed appropriately by administering vaccines, implants and tags.
4064Pen Rider: Hitch Feedlot2175Rides horses around pens to ensure health and safety of animals and maintenance of pens and surrounding areas.
4166Sow Farm Herdsperson: Hitch Pork Producers2177Attends to swine in the breeding and or farrowing department of a sow farm by performing the following duties.
4110Breeding Team Leader: Hitch Pork Producers2186Attends to swine. Assists the Farm Manager in the scheduling of people in the breeding department. Assists the Farm Manager in training people, doing evaluations and resolving problems by performing the following duties.
4012Mill Hand: Hitch I2188Ensures that appropriate product is being processed for the animals; tends mills that grind and mix ingredients for the feed, includes some supervisory responsibilities which include assisting the manager.
4121Genetic Truck Wash Technician: Hitch Pork Producers2190Performs cleaning, maintenance and driving to fulfill needs of Genetic truck by performing the following duties:
4106AI Technician (Boarstud): Hitch Pork Producers2191Collects and packages boar semen for artificial insemination of sows by performing the following duties.
4120Genetic Finisher Herdsperson: Hitch Pork Producers2192Attends to gilts and boars in Gilt Holding by performing the following duties in the key production areas to be met:
4022Feed Mill Supervisor: Hitch I2193Supervises operations of Hitch Feed Mill.

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