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Hitch Enterprises is owned and operated by the Hitch Family of Guymon, Oklahoma, and has been for over 110 years. In 1884 James K. Hitch drove a herd of longhorns from Kansas to the Panhandle region, settling near what is now Guymon, Oklahoma. Ranchers made their own rules in the Panhandle. A man could graze his cattle half-way to the nearest water in any direction and could operate as much land as he could claim and defend.

 James Hitch


For nearly 70 years, James K. Hitch and his son Henry C. Hitch grazed cattle over the same ranges. Then in 1953, James' grandson, H.C. 'Ladd' Hitch Jr., opened one of the Southwest's first large-scale cattle feeding operations; a 2,000 head facility near the original homestead. The facility, known as the Henry C. Hitch Feedlot, has grown to its present capacity of 52,000 head.

Ladd Hitch
 Paul Hitch - Former President of Hitch Enterprises

Paul Hitch was an amazing leader of Hitch Enterprises for several decades and also an incredibly strong influence in the cattle industry as a whole.  Paul was instrumental in Hitch’s entry into pork production, however producing beef was his passion.  Paul will always be remembered for standing up during an unusually heated debate at an annual National Cattlemen’s convention and demanding a vote by loudly stating “decisions are made by those who show up.”  Paul lived by those words, showing up to manage his company every day while fighting the disease that finally took him in March of 2008.  He is deeply missed.

Jason Hitch

Chairman of the Board/Co-CEO Jason Received his bachelors of Science in Agriculture Economics in 1993 from Oklahoma State University.  He continued his education at the University Of Oklahoma School of Law and Graduated in May of 1997..  Following Graduation Jason worked as a LAN/PC Manager for the Oklahoma Supreme Court in Oklahoma City.  Jason returned to Guymon in 1998 to become Hitch Enterprises General Counsel. A position he held until his father's death in March of 2008.  At that time Jason was named Chairman of the Board of Hitch Enterprises and shares CEO duties with his brother Chris.  Jason currently serves as Chairman of the NCBA Natural Resources subcommittee, Vice-Chairman of the TCFA Legislative and Regulatory Committee. Locally, Jason  serves on the Texas County Fair Board and is a member of Victory Memorial United Methodist Church were he serves on the Finance Committee and Advisory Committee.

Chris Hitch

President/Co-CEO. Chris received his bachelors of Science in Animal Science in 1996 and his Masters of Business in 1998 from Oklahoma State University. Following graduation, Chris spent about 2 years working in all three Hitch Feedlots in Oklahoma and Kansas calling feed, driving feed trucks, washing water tanks, doctoring cattle, and doing whatever else was required. Chris then moved into the main office in Guymon, OK to become the Vice President of Feedlot Operations. A position he held for about 7 years until his fathers death in March of 2008. At that time Chris was promoted to President of Hitch Enterprises and shares CEO duties with his brother, Jason. Chris is actively involved with Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association, Texas Cattle Feeders Association, and National Cattlemen's Beef Association. Additionally, Chris sits on multiple boards and is active in Oklahoma's Comprehensive Water Plan and 21st Century Beef Club.